About Us

Maman's cargo operations, based at the cargo terminals located at Ben Gurion International Airport, provide a full range of cargo handling services for all international air cargo imported or exported from Israel.
In addition, Maman services all the airlines and air courier flights operating at Ben Gurion International Airport. In order to speed up the clearing and delivery process for courier packages, designated terminal facilities have been allocated to the various courier companies.
For your benefit, the various organizations who deal with your cargo (airline representatives, Israeli customs, customs agents, cargo agents, government agencies, freight forwarders, banks, post offices, trucking companies, etc.) are all conveniently located within the Maman Terminal building.

Handling approximately 300,000 metric tons of cargo annually, Maman also offers you a wide range of specialized storage facilities for all types of unique cargo - safes, bonded, radioactive material, hazardous goods, and refrigeration.
Using the latest in surveillance technology, all of the operations within and around the Maman cargo terminals are constantly watched and supervised, 24 hours a day, by Maman's own professionally trained and experienced security staff, comprised of former Israeli military personnel and students. Their paramount task - to protect and safeguard your cargo.

The Maman Group is proud to be at the forefront of logistics services in Israel, boasting world leading services and technological innovation. The Maman Group’s subsidiaries, all of which are leaders in their respective fields, provide comprehensive services to both government bodies and the foremost companies in the market, including cargo management and ground-handling services for airlines, handling services, supply chain management (SCM), and third-party logistics (TPL).