Temperature-controlled Storage

The cargo terminal offers a wide range of temperature-controlled storage areas that provide a solution to the market’s needs in an area exceeding 3000 square meters.

And over 150 chambers for storing temperature-controlled plane platforms.

The cold rooms and chambers allow for consignment storage that requires deep refrigeration from a temperature of -24ºC up to normal refrigeration of 25ºC separated by type of consignment and temperature range required, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical consignments
  • Food consignments
  • Meat consignments
  • Fish consignments
  • Chocolate consignments
  • Agricultural consignments
  • General consignments

The cargo terminal offers a range of solutions to maintain a temperature-controlled shipping chain such as:

  • Climate-controlled conveyor methods with a temperature range of 15ºC - 25ºC for transferring consignments to / from the various planes.
  • Supply and cover for consignments with thermal blankets from the single platform to covering a complete airlift unit
  • Inventory of approximately 150 active refrigeration containers to fly in various volumes and ability to load over 40 containers at the same time
  • Climate rooms for active packages (PCM, GEL PACKS)
  • Supply of dry ice